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The dasha system

    The dasha system
    The Dasha System helps in analysing the problems and tells us as to when good or bad effects as reflected in the Birth Chart are to be experienced by the native. When the timings of benefic planets are in operation the native is blessed with all possible good events and enjoys powers and privileges. But when timings of malefic's planets are in operation evil results are experienced resulting in struggles, Strife's and sufferings.
    The cycle of fortune and misfortune can be calculated and timed accordingly from the position of planets in the Birth Chart. These timings of good or bad events are known as Planetary operating periods or are called Mahadasha or Major periods. These major periods are subject to sub-divided periods known as Antar Dasha. Pratyantar Dasha. Sooksham Dasha and Prana Dasha which can be calculated up to hours, minutes, seconds and swara also. This becomes the basis of predictions in Hindu Astrology. Western Astrology does not have such a system. They do it by the movement of Sun and progression method.
    Span of life is taken as 120 years and is distributed amongst nine planets.
    There are 27 Nakshtras - Each planet rules a group of 3 Nakshtras. The Moon at the time of birth will be passing through these Nakshtras. The first Dasha will be of the planet which is the ruler of the Nakshtra through which the Moon is passing at the time of birth. The rest in the regular order (Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury)
    The text says that persons form between New Moon and the Full Moon or in Shukla Paksha should follow Vimshottri Dasa and those born in Krishna Paksha should follow Ashtottri Dasa. Thinkers are of the view that Vimshottari Dasa is supreme and recom- mended to be followed irrespective of the position of Moon.

    Calculations - process
    Calculations of sub periods.
    Good/Bad results expected from a planet during its Major Period and Sub Periods depends on:
    a) The House, the planet owns; (own sign)
    b) The house, the planet is posted in;
    c) The Rashi (sign), where planet is posted.
    d) The house it aspects;
    e) The Planet it is in conjunction with
    These are subject to modifications. So the nature of the result, good or bad, depends on its being strong and benefic/Weak and malefic. Judge the planet for its results for which it is Karaka. If a planet is well placed in a good house/Rashi associated with benefic planets it can give good results. Placed in evil sign, evil house conjunction or aspected by malefic planet will indicate evil results or the matters signified by it.
    Results also depend on the status and social environment of the native. Where predictions are being given; (Desh, Kaal, Paatra). A naturally benefic planet if owns a good house like Trikon then it becomes fully benefic. when it owns malefic houses like 6, 8, and 12 will act as both benefic and malefic (2,12)
    All planets act as good and benefic if well placed or ill placed.
    Method of judging the good or bad planets
    Lagna lord is stronger, Mahadasha Lord of the Ascendant then the native will rise to a high position - happy- having good health - will attain gradual prosperity.
    If Ascendant Lord is weakly placed or afflicted then the health of native will suffer during its (Lagna Lord) Mahadasha. Suffers mental anxiety - Accuse of personality; general retardation of success - Failure in attempts leading to frustration.
    Second Lord well placed and strong - will bless the native during its Mahadasha with wealth, additions to the family - success due to speech - good food. Overall happy financial period.
    If Second Lord is maleficially placed and afflicted then during its Mahadasha - Native has to incur heavy expenses on family affairs - Eye trouble - fear from government due to financial irregularities. Bad Food - Suffers due to its bad speech or loose talking. Also it is the Maraksthana Dasha - so If Second Lord is associated with 6, 7, 8th house the troubles will multiply.
    Mahadasha of Third House Lord if well placed gives cooperation and help from co-born - rise in career - rise in self-earning - profitable short journeys. Success in educational attainments.
    Lord is weakly placed - There will be quarrel and misunderstanding with brother/ cousin / neighbour. Mind will be in tension. Activities will be performed at a low spirit; troublesome journeys - mental anxiety and may have to suffer due to his wittings/agreements.
    Lord strong and well-placed - Native will be helpful to family; will gain good relations from mother; acquire land, house, property, agricultural land; acquire vehicle. Overall a happy period.
    Lord afflicted - Weakly placed then during its Mahadasha - Distress due to mother; Disputes in family leading to loss of property; litigation; discomfort of conveyance; danger from water; no peace will be there.
    Lord well placed then during its mahadasha - Attainment of education; passing a competitive examination; birth of a child (according to age); gain and promotion in career; political success; sudden gain of money; sudden rise in attraction to women.
    Lord is weakly placed - sickness of child; worst affliction may lead to death; worries on account of children like failure in examination; poor performance in studies; victim of fraud and deceit; a life full of distress.
    Lord well placed then in its Mahadasha if stronger than Ascendant Lord then in its Mahadasha native will have victory over enemies - success all of a sudden; rise in personal efforts, good health; redemption of debt.
    Lord afflicted. weakly placed - Native will suffer loss through enemies/colleagues/business opponents-reversals in life; constant troubles due to labour unrest, shortage of raw material; sudden troubles from income Tax/Excise. If Sun and Jupiter are badly afflicted - Humiliation in family circles; loss of vehicles; loss of job due to negligence.
    Lord strongly placed : Native will marry during this period; can successfully enter into partnerships; chances of foreign tours; if marries - happiness, good relations with wife; pleasure and enjoyment from wife or opposite sex; acquisition of luxury household items .Marriage of self or someone in family.
    Lord weakly placed and afflicted - Native may suffer due to wife and partnership. Extent of sufferings depends on the association of malefic planets with 7th Lord. Bad relations with in-laws; separation from wife - contacts with ill-reputed women.
    Lord of 7th house in 2nd, 8th and 12th house or associated with 2nd, 8th and 12th lord will give physical disturbance/ailments.
    If Lord is strong and well placed but eighth house lord should not be stronger than ascendant lord then elevation in rank, benefit through court judgments,many quarrels will be settled; acquisition of immovable or permanent assets.
    If Lord is afflicted and weak and connected with malefic planets: Native will have ill health, distress and sorrows; There will be rivalry and opposition in many fields; Lord of 8th house maleficially placed is a potential killer, loss of reputation. 8th house lord is a potential killer, strength will be more during its Mahadasha if associated with 2nd and 7th lord.
    If Strong and well Placed - Native will have prosperous time with family; gain in wealth and rank; success in higher education/may go to other place for higher education; doing religious and charitable acts; pilgrimage and fruitful journey; develop power of intuition; blessings of preceptors
    Lord weakly placed- Decline in prosperity; domestic unhappiness; weak financial status; fall in respect and reputation.
    If Lord is strong and well placed - Successful in his attempt to improve his sources of income; promotion; professional elevation; gain authority and status; good finance; political success.
    Lord weakly placed and weak - Fall in position; financial losses; dispute and disgrace in profession; set-back in career; involved in misdeeds.
    If Lord well Placed and strong - Continuous flow of money, happiness and prosperity; in family due to improved financial status; increase in bank balance; assets; good position in society; most sought after.
    Lord weakly Placed and weak - Problem with brothers; loss and disrespects, ear trouble; chances of being cheated financially; money invested in risky ventures.
    If Lord well placed, strong and benefic - Native will spend money in good causes; have a pleasurable life - good deeds and respect.
    Lord weakly Placed- ill health; expenditure on treatment; increase in secret enemies; chances of imprisonment if 6th lord is also weak then rise of debts.
    Period/sub periods becomes malefic in the association of malefic planets. As lord of 5th house if posted in 12th house. i.e. 8th from 5th house gives unfavourable results regarding progeny. Jupiter associated or aspected by Moon provides all good comforts to native; its favourable position enhances the Longevity.
    Jupiter Dasha in early age confers good education; in middle age - good and comfortable life; in old age changes the entire set up of life. Weakly Placed as Dasha Lord leads to many conflicting periods - upheaval in life. Set backs in career.
    VENUS Main Period
    Venus Dasa is also a trend setter.Venu's can become a Yoga. Karaka planet. Venus in 7th associated with Rahu, Saturn, Merc. - gives a difficult life. Venus Mahadasha - if well placed and strong- Native will acquire things of art; promotion., success in undertakings; Gain from relations with opposite sex; Marriage may take place.
    If Afflicted then domestic disharmony; lack of cooperation from others; low vitality; onset of certain diseases;
    Saturn, Sun and Rahu are separate planets. Saturn gives fruits of our own Karmas. Since Saturn has been appointed as the Head of the Jury of nine planets. Long period of trouble according to the position of Saturn -Will lead the native to hard and strenuous life; will get benefits from agriculture of related activities.
    If Afflicted- Miseries - impediments, obstacles in the way of progress of life; period of uncertainties, Bad reputation; Have to live away from home; Wander like beggars for living; Deterioration in financial status; Losses in permanent assets of life.
    Rahu and Ketu produces results according to Rashi, Bhava and other favourable and unfavourable situations.
    Mars if Lord of Ascendant or 8th House or its aspect on them. Moon sign and 8th house, its Lord being Mars will inflict accidental nature of problem.
    Mars associated with 2nd, 4th and 6th house - injury will be due to native's own mistake.
    Strong Mars - during its major period gain from brothers and help from them; Favour from persons in authority; defeat of enemies; Joining jobs of adventure; Acquisition of land and property; gain from Travel in Southern direction; Optimistic, Vigorous, Dashing, courageous; Reward through act of courage.
    Mars weakly placed- Native may fall from his prestigious job; Loss to body through accidents; Blood related diseases may appear; One becomes victim of his own ill tempered behaviour; Displeasure with persons in authority; Fractures, wounds, threat to life.
    Strong or in own sign- Native will gain in business transactions; Engaged in Intellectual pursuits; Increase in educational attainments; Publishing of writings; Gain through friends and near relatives; Success in Examination/Attainment of higher education.
    Weak and afflicted - Suffer from nervous disorders; Bad liver; Troubles through friends; Victim of fraud and cheating; Involved in act of forgery; Tampering of documents; Throat troubles. 9th or 10th Lord - Exalted or related to Lagna - Good benefits - involved in educational activity.
    Mercury in conjunction with malefic - The good or bad results are immediately felt.
    Jupiter strong- signification of the houses/rashi's where it is posted/associated or aspecting -Normally good results are expected during its major.
    Strong Sun - During its Maier period: One will feel strong - enjoy power and status, Authority - position, favour from elders and from Government. Success in all undertakings - Prosperity to father - Good health.
    SUN - Weakly placed: During its period will cause ill health - diseases like tension, heart ailment - eye troubles - burning of body - loss of reputation - criminal proceedings - Torture by Government. Threat of imprisonment - danger to father, leading to quarrel in family.
    SUN in Movable Sign - Native may be aimlessly wandering. Sun also proves as a separative planet.
    Sun in exaltation - during Major period/Sub period will give favourable results. Sun during its major period/sub periods will also add to the strength of planet to whom it aspects.
    MOON - Mahadasa
    Moon strong and well placed- during its Major Period one will feel happy and of cheerful disposition; His facial lustre/appearance will improve or shine; Rise in status, Money gain and favour from family. Gain through articles of Moon; Becomes learning and religious mind;
    Moon weak- gives ill health - low spirit; May suffer due to mental agony; Troubles at the working place; Loss from quarrel or opposition to women; displeasure of the functionary of Government to misunderstanding; Lethargic and sleepy, Lazy; Mother may suffer from ailment;
    Strength of Moon is to be checked with utmost care.
    Moon strong and Lord of good Houses - will enhance the prosperity of that house.
    Moon-Rahu conjunction or Rahu Antardasha under Moon period or Moon Antardasha under Rahu Period - Normally does not give good results; If Moon/Rahu is aspected by malefic planets then Worries will multiply.
      • Moon and Saturn - Period of SadheSatti
      • Main Period/Sub periods will be associated to the significations of the planets to whom associated.
      • Strong Rahu may give rise to many unexpected situations in life.
        Native tending towards cunning, sinful, black market, tax evasion.
      • Run after many unpleasant things of life.
        Change of residence
      • Unexpected Gains through illegal means.
    Associated with benefic planets in a good house, moon dasha will be accordingly good and favourable.
      • Steady accumulation of wealth.
      • Malefic Rahu leads to seclusion in life.
      • Suffer losses, troubles from Govt. scandal,
      • Misbehaviour, disruption in education, career.
    Being Moksha Karak planet, development of religious instinct, domestic comforts and luxurious life. freedom from diseases. man gets relieved from many diseases and ailments.
    Afflicted Ketu during its major period gives
      • Troubles from silent enemies.
      • Wounds from weapons,
      • Stigma in family.
      • ill health, body pain, anguish of mind.
      • Mental dissatisfaction.
      • The position of Dasha Lord helps in delineation of related events from the horoscope.
    Benefic Planets as Dasha Lord
      1. When a planet functioning as Mahadasa Lord is placed in Benefic house like Lagna, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th house, it gives benefic and good results. Benefic events predominant the cycle.
      2. Exalted planets as Dasha Lord gives results par-excellance.
      3. Mahadasa Lord posted in its own Rashi.
      4. Mahadasa Lord well placed in Navamsa and having Varga strength.
      5. Mahadasa of a Yog-karka planet.
      6. Mahadasa of a planet having Digbala strength.
      7. Retrograde but otherwise well placed and aspecting its own Rashi gives good results.
    Lord of benefit house like 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 when posited in 3, 6, 8, 11.12th become malefic.
    These planets when function as Mahadasa Lord fails to give good results.
    Dasha Lord in a sign of Debilitation associated with 6th or 8th lord.
    Dasha lord in enemy's sign;
    In a malefic sign from its own house i.e. 6,8,,12
    Dasha Lord associated with malefic;
    Dasha Lord not in a good position in Navamsa;
    Dasha of Badhaka Lord
    Lord of malefic house if placed in 3, 6, 8, 11 gives normal results.
    Dasha Lord of Trikona houses 5, 9 gives good results; if malefic then also.
    Jupiter in 6th house destroys enemies:
    Saturn in 8th house gives long life.
    Mars in 10th house also gives good results.
    Benefic Dasha Lords of 3.6. 8 and 11th houses. normally gives weak results.
    11th Lord will no doubt protect the native by giving financial losses during his Dasha/ Antardasha.
    Lords of 2/12 house will give mixed results depending on the ownership of planet like Trikona, Kendra or 6,8. 12th positions.
    Malefic Dasha Periods
    Saturn 4th Dasha Lord
    Mars & Rahu 5th Dasha Lord .
    Jupiter 6th Dasha Lord
    Sirshodya Rashis - 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11 Good in the beginning of Maha Dasha.
    Prishthodya Rashis - 1, 2, 4, 9, 10 Good in the last phase.
    Ubhayodaya Rashi - 12 Good in the middle period
    The planets in their exalted signs placed in 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10 house gives overall good results. And in 6, 8, and 12th gives unfavourable and weak results. The same will be the result in their Antardasha also. If the lord of Dasha is well placed in the birth chart and so also in transit it is sure to give good results in its Major Period. The Mahadasha Lord should have a good transit also.
    Major Period (Mahadasha) of a malefic planet
    In the Mahadasha of a malefic planet the antardasha of the Lord of birth sign or Lord of 8th sign from the birth sign will be troublesome for the native. The planet who is lord of 3rd, 5th or 7th Nakshtra from the Birth Nakshtra will give to the native in its Antardasa troubles and pain from enemies. For example if the birth Nakshtra is Rewati then Lords of Bharani, Rohini and Adra Nakshtra will give troubles in their Antardasa to the native i.e. the Antardasa of Venus, Moon and Rahu in the Mahadasa of Saturn will be quite bad for the native.
    Divide the difference of Nakshtras of the Dasha Lord and Antardasha Lord by 9. If the remaining is 3, 5 and 7 then it will not give good results.
    The following will be the position after counting from the Birth Nakshtra:
    Birth Naks.
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