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1) Every Planet is moving for us who are on Earth as we see them.
So is The Sun (Actually not a Planet but treated like one. Its
actually a star or Luminary). All these planets when they move within
each sign, the starting point is measured at 0 degrees and ending
at 30 degrees Which means that if we count the 12 signs and
multiply by 30 degrees we get the figure of 360 Degrees.
Dont we say that My Moon is at 6 degrees Sagittarius
or Jupiter is at 25 degrees Cancer etcetra ?

Well, all these planets have their daily motions, like we know that
each planet travels daily at this speed (This knowledge comes from
past observation from Observatories and astronomical Statistics)
Some planets have very fast speed like The Moon which
takes around 2 and a half days to enter and leave a sign.,
some have very slow speed like Saturn which takes two
and a half years to enter and leave a sign.

At the moment we will concentrate on The Sun. The Sun
travels approximately at speed of daily motion of 1 Degree.
It takes therefore one month to stay in a sign and cross over
to next sign. (Remember this)

The Sun changes sign every month approximately on
15th or 16th 0r 17th (Remember this).

Which also means that on 15th the Sun would be at
0 degrees, in any sign which it has just entered,
and 1 degrees on 16th and
2 degrees on 17th and so on till next 15th when it is at 30 degrees and
then has to cross over to the next sign and again would be
starting at 0 degrees. For example a native born on the
28th of January of any year would be having Sun at
approximately 14 degrees ( 0 degrees on 15th +
14 days ). In this way one can know the degrees of the
Sun at birth approximately.
(Calculate Your own Sun degrees first in mind then check
Your Chart).


Giving below the Dates each Month when The Sun normally
changes and to which Sign? (The best way to remember this
is to first remember your Own Sun sign and start from that
month )

Jan 15th to Feb 15th - Sun enters and remains in Capricron
Feb 15th to March 15th -Sun remains in Acquarius
March 15th to April 15th- Sun remains in Pisces
April 15th to May 15th - Sun remains in Aries
May 15th to June 15th - Sun remains in Taurus
June 15th to July 15th - Sun remains in Gemini
July 16th to Aug 15th - Sun remains in Cancer
Aug 16th to Sept 16th- Sun remains in Leo
Sept 17th to Oct 16th - Sun remains in Virgo
Oct 16th to Nov 16th - Sun remains in Libra
Nov 16th to Dec 15th- Sun remains in Scorpio.
Dec 15th to Jan 15th -Sun remains in Sagittarius.
(The above are approximate dates -maybe not exactly same
days as mentioned 1-2 days here n there)

(The above position would be shown in Charts made for
all those staying in India or who have made their charts
calculated here-for western people the Sun sign may be
one sign ahead and they have to deduct the ayanamsha to
get the above Sun sign- which is why I have asked all members
to download the Software and put KP Ayanamsha and then
subsequently make all charts)

Example - if I am born on June 28th as per above table, my Sun
sign would be Gemini.
Note- (When any of Your friends is born on say 15th
or 16th dont predict his Sun sign without referring the Ephemeris)


(Remember this By Heart) If the Birth is at time of-
Sunrise- then Sun would be in 1st House or Ascendant.
At Noon - The Sun would be in 10th House
At Sunset - The Sun would be in 7th house
At Midnight - Sun would be in 4th house.

(In above,take the movement of The Sun as clockwise and not anti-clock wise)

In India when the Sunrise is almost at same time throughout the year (Except at
winter time nearing December when it may be late by 1 hour or so), we can roughly
take the following slots as position of Sun for Local birth time .
Local Mean time or LMT we would be talking in later lessons - But
will explain in short. Though the clock will show 4.30 am for a person in
Bombay and for a person in Calcutta too, but the sky would
show Sunrise for a person in Calcutta in Summer, and still night
for a person in Bombay. That is known in crude language as
local Mean time.

Birth time at :-
Morning 5am to 7am - Sun would be in 1st House
Morning 7 - 9am - Sun would be in 12th House
Morning 9 to 11am - Sun would be in 11th House
Morning 11 to 1 Noon - Sun would be in 10th House
Noon 1 - 3 pm - Sun would be in 9th House
Evening 3pm to 5 pm - Sun would be in 8th House
Evening 5pm to 7pm (Sunset)- Sun would be in 7th House
Evening 7pm to Night 9 pm - Sun would be in 6th house
Night 9pm to 11 pm Sun would be in 5th House
Night 11.00pm Midnight to 1.00 am after midnight - 4th house
Late night 1 am to early morning 3 am - Third House
Early morning 3am to 5 am - Sun would be in 2nd House.

Thus if someone says that ' I was born on February 28th
at 10am morning, in Bombay', you can immediately tell him
safely that Your Sun is in 11th House.
The above is a very crude method of predicting, not to be
used unnecessarily, but when you are travellng or sitting in
a group with no means of equipment like Ephemeris, Computer
etc. or once in a while when You are sure about the results,
You may try out making a chart on a piece of paper,
filling in whatever you know or have found out, and then ask your contact to
open his chart and match the same. That would really amaze him and make him
a fan of Your prowess. But do not forget certain countries and places
have bizzare (A wrong word actually) Sunrise and sunset timings, not
as per India, so better avoid predicting mentally for those cases.

- For those people in whose country/place
and that particular season or time of the year, if the
Sun rises late,or early, then You have to shift the timings
backward, or the Sun forward accordingly after some study.
(The foreign students can check their Sunrise and Sunset timings
throughout the year, in their cities of residence, and
prepare such a chart for themselves ,after little bit deductions
or additions in timings, for their use).

One more advantage - When You happen to see the chart of the native,
and check the position of The Sun, you also immediately realise
whether the chart is printed rightly or wrongly,as per the time of
birth he mentions, cause at times people forget to say rightly- am or
pm to the computer chart maker or he does not listen properly
and feeds in wrongly, and then the poor native shows around the wrong
chart to all astrologers, with nothing matching his own life. I have myself
detected a few wrongly made charts by this method.

Okay, now to the last part


I do not think that this is necessary to explain, You should
be able to guess this one for yourself by now, but let
me explain, yet.

Once You know the position of the Sun, finding the
Ascendant is easy, solving a childs puzzle and gaining
the same happiness and joy.

Suppose one was born at 10.30 am in month of June of say
day 20th. Therefore Sun would be in Gemini and in 11th house.
Now count anticlockwise till you reach the 1st house.
You will count thus-
11th house Gemini - Sign No. 3
12 th house Cancer - Sign No.4
1st House Leo - Sign No.5
Therefore the ascendant is Leo.

You can do this in your mind without the use of
Writing Pad or Pen.

Take another example-
Birth on 10th February Time 10.00pm night.
Sun would be in Capricorn as per previous table given.
Sun would be in 5th house as per previous table given.
Start counting anticlockwise .
5th House Capricorn
6th House Acquarius
7th house Pisces
8th house Aries
9th house Taurus
10th house Gemini
11th House Cancer
12th house Leo
and There You are
1st House Virgo.

Now we will take one example which will incorporate all that we have learnt
uptil now

Birth New Delhi-
Date - 24th August
Time 2.00pm after Noon.

What is the Sun Sign ? - Answer Leo.
What is the Degrees of The Sun ? Answer 7 Degrees ( From 17th till
24th its 7 days therefore 7 degrees)
Which house is Sun Placed in ? Answer - 9th House.
What is the Ascendant ? Answer Counting anticlockwise I reach
to the Ascendant as Sagittarius.
(The above is wrong results actually, if You make a chart
in the computer, you will find, Sun is placed in 10th house,
and not in the 9th ,
and ascendant is not Sagittarius but Scorpio. Why did
I make a mistake ? Because in August the Sun rises 1 and a
half hour early than the Sunrise of January, and hence
even the noon comes earlier. Therefore the timings
have to be changed accordingly in my table,which
I have made. If You use same timings given above and
change only the month to January, you shall find that the
Sun has moved now to 9th House .
Therefore, please tread carefully in such

Suppose we presume that the above birth statistics was right,then,
How could I make predictons after arriving at above statistics ?
Because -
a) I know what are the characteristics of The Ascendant Sagittarius
and can talk in flowery language about the positive points of this
Ascendant rising and the nature of the native, thus.
b) I know the effects of Sun in Leo what it can be .
c) I know also the effects of the Sun in 9th House.
d) I know which house Lord ship The Sun has in this chart (The
Sun is coincidentally Lord of the 9th house in this chart and
also placed in the 9th).
e) I know that Sun is aspecting (we will learn about this later)
the 3rd house and what effects would this produce.

For advanced predictions -
a) I know the constellation in which The Sun is placed in this chart
and can give the effects in narration.
b) I may also be knowing which sign Saturn would be in the
year of birth whatever it may be ,by heart and probably right.
That would take care of predictions of further 3 houses.

Etc. Etc.

I am sure most of you by the end of next 3-6 months should
be able to give Basic predictions (Not advanced) without
having to use any other means of aid at your disposal, but
just staring in space and thinking and using your mind and logic.
ie. solving charts mentally.

you must have benefitted much from the same.

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