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Transit Of Jupiter In Leo 2015

Anju Anand 2015 Guru Gochar timings for Chandigarh, India
Jupiter transits Karka to Simha        
July 14, 2015 (Tuesday) at 07:08
Anju Anand
Jupiter the biggest planet in our Solar system represents dharma, justice; the karaka for religion and spirituality, the significator of intellect and knowledge; known as Devguru such a benefic planet is going to transit the royal sign Simha (Leo) ruled by Sun. Jupiter will stay in Leo for next 13 months. At the same time Saturn will be aspecting Jupiter in Leo. While Rahu will join Retrograde Jupiter in Leo in Jan 30, 2015.

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        Chandigarh Jupiter transit is considered as very important in Vedic astrology since major events do happen only when ruling planets are favorable. Jupiter is saumya graha and strength of Jupiter is very important to achieve success in life especially in marriage, birth of a new child, change in Job, buying new home, success in education or career, foreign travel, etc.
Jupiter gives excellent results when it is placed in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th houses from the Natal Moon. Jupiter transit is also powerful when he is in ascendant.
Therefore this transit in Simha Rashi will be excellent time for the following 5 Rashis, but Saturn will limit the growth and success provided by benefic Jupiter.

1. Kumbha (Aquarius)

2. Dhanu (Sagittarius)

3. Tula (Libra)

4. Mesh (Aries)

5. Karka (Cancer)

Placement of Jupiter in 3rd, 6th and 12th house from natal Moon is not considered very auspicious and may not yield the desired results. If Jupiter is lord of these house, the results will not be favorable. So this transit would be bad the following Rashis, but Saturn will support strongly to protect the malefic effects of Jupiter.

1. Makara (Capricorn)

2. Vrishchik (Scorpio)

3. Meen (Pisces)

4. Mithun (Gemini)

5. Simha (Leo)

Kanya (Virgo) and Vrishaba (Taurus) will have mixed results during this transit.
Jupiter represents knowledge, success, prosperity, good education, fame and children.
2nd House from Natal Moon: During its transit in the 2nd house from natal Moon, Jupiter helps the person to relax and enjoy the natural conveniences of life. He or she acquires more money, receives social recognition and popularity, and the company of pleasant persons. During this Jovian influence, one may expect abundant inflow of money and wealth, and professional achievements. This period is highly propitious for speculative gains. But in order to remind the individual of spiritual responsibilities, there may occur occasional illnesses and a few sorrowful experiences. During its 2nd house transit, Jupiter arouses compassion and a charitable disposition.

Vedha: These effects are however obstructed by the presence of any planet in the 12th from the Moon.
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5th House from Natal Moon: The 5th house transit of Jupiter makes the creativity of the person align with his/her ultimate destiny. The new alignment of psycho-mental creativity in the most fruitful direction provides experiences at different levels of one’s existence which give great satisfaction, joy and happiness, and a feeling of psychological fulfilment. Apart from receiving increased income, unexpected honour and all round prosperity, the individual during the 5th house transit of Jupiter experiences marked expansion in his/her personality. Invariably for common individuals this period is associated with a childbirth; for intellectuals it is associated with recognition of their mental prowess evident from the publication of a book, scholarly presentation of papers or learned discourses at important conferences.

Vedha: These Jovian influences are hampered only by the presence of a planet present in the 4th position from the Moon.
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7th House from Natal Moon: The 7th house transit of Jupiter is often described in very poetic terms. During this transit Jupiter releases its spiritualizing impulses and operates as the spring wind blowing over vegetation, producing new buds, flowers and foliage for the enjoyment of individuals and taking them towards the Supreme Power. In this position Jupiter produces the most pleasant experiences of life; almost everything the person could aspire to may be attained. The individual enjoys pleasures of the bed, pleasant company, accrual of abundant wealth, good meals, flowers, conveyances; the power of speech and the intelligence of the person are extensively recognized.

Vedha: The effects are obstructed by the presence of a planet in the 3rd house from the Moon.
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9th House from Natal Moon: Transit of Jupiter in dharmasthan is very auspicious. The auspicious effects of a 9th house transit of Jupiter are proverbial. Whether the individual is attracted towards material conveniences or is inspired by spiritual ideas, Jupiter provides sustenance and energy for their fulfilment. During this period, the person succeeds in enjoying all prosperity; he or she also receives Divine Grace. Under this situation the auspicious tendencies inculcated during past lives, called purva janma samskaras, are energized and the individual behaves in a gracious manner. He or she receives very favourable responses from others. He or she is showered with honour and wealth; auspicious celebrations take place in the family; there could be an addition to the family, festive celebrations, and happy anniversaries; the social status of the individual is also raised. Performance of religious rituals, successful completion of purificatory practices and undertakings of pilgrimages to holy shrines or visits to inspiring places or persons are expected during this period. The individual is recognized for the maturity of his/her thoughts and helpful counselling.

Vedha: The presence of a planet in the 10th house from the Moon produces Vedha for these transit effects.
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11th House from Natal Moon: Jupiter bestows much happiness when it transits the 11th house from the Moon. In harmony with its natural beneficence, during this period Jupiter enables the individual to receive material gifts, increased income, improvement in official / public status, cooperative association with friends and siblings, gains in speculative ventures, and much enhanced respectability in social circles.
Even in the personal life, there is much happiness and contentment; the married life becomes very joyous, family life is very harmonious, and there are pleasant and profitable travels. The feeling of all round happiness characterizes this period. Birth of a child, acquisition of a new status, and receipt of honour from the state are natural results of the Jovian transit through the 11th house from the Moon.

Vedha: The Vedha for this transit arises from the presence of a planet in the 8th house from the Moon.          

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