Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Transit of Venus

It takes Venus 6 hours and 40 minutes to travel across the Sun's disk.
Seen from the Earth's center (geocentric coordinates) the transit begins at 22:09:29 and ends at 04:49:27 Universal Time (UT).
  • June 5, 22:09:29 UT:(New Delhi  Wed 3:39)the planet's first contact with the outer rim of the Sun's disk.
  • June 5, 22:27:26 UT: (New Delhi  Wed 3:57)Venus becomes fully visible in front of the Sun.
  • June 6, 01:29:28 UT: (New Delhi  Wed 6:59)moment of “greatest transit” (the closest Venus appears to the center of the Sun's disk).
  • June 6, 04:31:30 UT: (New Delhi  Wed 10:01)Venus reaches the opposite side of the Sun's rim
  • June 6, 04:49:27 UT: (New Delhi  Wed 10:19)the planet completes its transit across the Sun's disk.
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