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                                                REMEDIAL MEASURES
    After analysing the horoscope, it is found that such and such planets are capable of causing such and such troubles and problems and are, hence, malefic or such and such planets are capable of producing benefic reults and are, hence, benefic. Then, it will be required to strengthen the weak benefic planet (s) or propritiate malefic planet (s) in order to get the desired results.
    There are various ways by which weak benefic planets are strengthened and malefic planets propitiated.  These are called Remedial Measures in astrological parlance.  These are given below:
    I.Yantras :
     Below are given yantras for each planet.  These can be worn or placed in the worship place at home.

How to find the lost article

  How to find the lost article
Just find out the Star (from any almanac) in which the article was lost and see in the following Table.

Dhanishtha, Pushya, Rohini, Poorva Ashada, Vishakha, Uttar Phalguni, Revati
Gone to East        
Found easily

Mrigsira, Hast, Uttara Ashada, Anuradha,
Shatbisha, Ashlesha, Ashwini
Gone to South
 Found with efforts
Abhijit, Ardra, Magha, Chitra, Poorva Bhadrapad,  Jyeshtha, Bharini  
Gone to West  
News only
Punaravasu, Swati, Shravan, Kritika, UttaraBhadrapad,  Moola, Poorva Phalguni
Gone to North 
Neither news
nor found

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