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Varsphal is known as Annual Horoscopy or Age Harmoni.
How to calculate Lagna of Varsh Pravesh

(a)  [Completed year of age x3]/30 = Bhagphala or Quotient
(b)  [(Completed year of age x3)+ Quotient]/12 = Remainder
The Remainder will indicate the Varsh Lagna or Ascendant for that running year.

For Example: Say a person is running in his 34th year of age.  It means he has completed his 33rd  year.
 First we calculate using formula at (a)
                                          [33x3] / 30 = 3 as quotient 
Now we use formula given at (b)
                                          [(33x3) + 3] / 12 = 6
It means Varsh Pravesh Lagna will 6th number sign which is Virgo.
How to Calculate Tithi of Varsh Pravesh
(a)     [Completed year of age x11] /170 = Quotient
(b)     [Completed year of age x11] + Quotient + Janam Tithi] / 30 = Remainder
The Remainder will be the number of Tithi of Varsh Pravesh.

How to Calculate Muntha Sign of Varsh Pravesh

[Number of natal Ascendant+ Completed year of age] /12 = Remainder.
The Remainder will indicate the Muntha Sign.

What is Ithasala yoga
Ithasala yoga means the yoga of 'intermixing'. The yoga is said to occur when:
a)    The lagnesha and the karyesh aare in mutual aspect. (Tajik aspects are different from Parashari aspects: the 3, 5, 9, 11 positions from each other are friendly aspects; 1, 4, 7 and 10 positions are inimical aspects; the remaining 2, 12, 6, 8 positions are neutral to each other and, therefore, do not constitute an aspect).
b)     These two planets are within the orb in influence from each other. (The orb is deterined by the average of deeptamshs of the two planets. The deeptamshas are: Sun 15, Moon 12, Mars 8, Mercury 7, Jupiter 9, Venus 7 and Saturn 9 degrees).
c)     The faster moving planet is behind the slower moving planet. (Planets in order of decreasing motions are: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn). Retrogression has some bearing on this third and the most important condition of the Ithasala yoga
        i)      Retrograde fast moving planet at lesser longitude does not produce Ithasala yoga since its motion is in the opposite direction to that of the more advanced slow moving planet. They are actually moving away from each other, therefore, they are not likely to intermix.
        ii)     The intensity of Ithasala is increased if the slow moving planet is retrograde and has higher longitude.
        iii)   When both the lagnesha and the karyesha (or even one of them) are retrograde, debilitated, combust or otherwise weak, another yoga takes over this yoga. It literally means 'cancellation' of the Ithasala yoga. It is an unfavourable yoga and does not allow the event to fructity favourably.

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