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Niryana Shoola Dasha and Longivity

Niryana Shoola Dasha
This Dasha begins from Ascendant or 7 Hs which ever is stronger
1.       The one which is occupied by a planet is stronger than the one which is vacant.
2.       The one which is occupied by more number of planets than the one which is occupied by less.
3.        if both have equal number of planets then judge by own house , exaltation etc.
4.       If both are unoccupied then judge by the strength of Ascendant Lord or 7th Lord.
5.       If still strength remains same then  Lord attaining higher degree should be considered
  (As you all know in Jaimini Dasha periods are assigned to Signs where as in Parashara dasha  assigned to planets )
Dasha Varsha
All signs carries 9 years and each Antardasha sign carries 9 months

Death inflicting planet or shool rashis
1.        2 and 8 signs in natural zodiac are owned by Venus and Mars.
Thses planets along with Moon generates Rudra Yoga
2.       Venus +Moon and Mars +Moon are two Rudra Yogas
3.        Sign containing or aspected by any of these yoga becomes killer sign and can give death
4.       Sign containing or aspected by Rudra planet (stronger of the Lords of 2 and 8 If weaker is a malefic and aspected by maleficor is strong can kill. If 8Lordis exalted own house or is Atma karaka then stronger of 8 or 12 Lord can kill)
5.       Arudha Lagna or signs in 7house or trine to it can give death.
6.       3rd and 8 House from Arudha Lagna are Houses of Vitality and if these are inflicted without any benefic influence, vitality gets zero and result in causing death
7.       A sign which is Badhaka Sthana or contains Badhakapati and is also afflicted , is also likely to kill
8.       Signs which have malefics in 2 and 12 from it or 5and 9 from it or 8 and 12 from it
9.       Sign of Maheshwara(where lord of 8 fromAtma karaka is posited)

Death Saviour Rashis
1.       Signs conjoining or aspected by Jupiter
2.       Signs  conjoining or aspected by Sun
3.       Signs conjoining or aspected by Atma karka
4.       (While considering aspect we are to only use Rashi Drishti
 Sun and Jupiter give protection only if they are not Rudra or conjoin Rudra)

8th House:
 Lagna --8thhouse
Aries-- Scorpio ; Taurus--Gemini ; Gemini--Capricorn ;  Cancer--Sagittarius ; Leo-- Cancer ; Virgo--Aquarius ; Libra --Taurus  ; Scorpio--Sagittarius ; Sagittarius--Cancer ; Capricorn--Gemini ; Aquarius-- Capricorn  ; Pisces--Leo
1.         8th House from Lgana if it is odd but not fixed;
2.       If Lagna is an odd sign and if fixed sign too, then 8th from 7th if counted from backward;
3.       8tyh House from Lagna counting backwards , if lagna is in even sign but not fixed one .
4.       8th from 7th , if Lagna is in even sign and is also fixed one.

If Lagna Lord and 8 Lord are same , then we use above principles to see 8th Lord. We sea it in case of Aries lagna and Libra Lagna . For Aries Lagna 8th House is Sagittarius and its Lord is Jupiter and for Libra lagna 8th House is Taurus and for Taurus 8th House is Gemini and its lord is Mercury
 Dasha Rashi of Death
Find out span of life If  span is shart death occur during Dasha of any of the first four Rashis of the Shool Dasha  .If medium life span then death occurs during Dasha of any of second set of four rashis of Shool Dasha . I fspan is long then death occur during any of last set of four rashis  of Shool Dasha
AntarDasha Rashi of Death
AntarDasha starts fromDasha rashi and has a span of 9 months
2-7-12 and Badhaka sthana from dasha rashi gives death in its antardasha If it becomes killer sign subject to Rashi Hrasa or Rashi Vridhi in exceptional cases

Month of Death : Mrityu Pada
The Arudha Pada of 8th is Mrityu pada. Saturn in Mrityu pada can give long life but many diseases in childhood. Transit of Sun over Mrityu Pada or it Trine gives death
(Transiting  Sun over 6-7-12 from Natal Venus gives death : Phaladeepika  sloka27/chapter 17)
Tithi of Death
It is seen from the strongest planet in 5th House from Lagna or its Frontal sign ; the sign occupied by the 5th Lord(Dispositor of 9th lord in case of females) Tithis of planets are SUN : 1, 9 / MOON : 2 , 10 / MARS : 3,11 / MERCURY : 4 ,12 / JUPITER : 5, 13 / VENUS :6 ,14 / SATURN : 7 , full moon / RAHU : 8 , new moon 
Ascendent at time of Death  :
Trine to Arudha Lagna, its 7th House or sign occupied Lord of Arudha Lagna
Nature Of Death :
Malefics in 3rd from Arudha Lagna or 8th from Lagna(as per B V Raman 3rd from Atma karka or lagna ) gives a violent or unnatural death
Anumber of Planets influencing 3rd house shows various compications and diseases before death

Place and Circumstance of Death :
 see the mobility of sign in 8House from lagna or 3rd from Arudha lagna;
1.       A movable sign : death takes place at distant place.
2.       A fixed sign : death takes place at /near home , hospital.
3.       Dual sign : death takes place neither far away from home nor close by or on the way while travelling
Direction  where death takes place
sign in 8House from lagna or 3rd from Arudha lagna;
If Fiery : east
Watery : North
Airy : West
Earthy : South



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