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Niryana Phala ___Death of Native

  If the 8th from Ascendant  
is occupied by
  Cause  of Death  
will be
Longstanding undiagnosable disease or dysentery
Hunger or physical inability to take food

If 8th is a

Movable sign
  Death in foreign place  
Fixed sign
Death in own house
  Common sign  
Death on journey 

If the 8th is unoccupied but is aspected by any one planet, the native will die of a disease caused
by the aspecting planet as follows. Where there are more than one planet aspecting, prefer the

  If the aspecting planet is 
Cause of Death
Bilious disorder
Wind and phlegm
Bilious disorder
  Wind, bile or phlegm  
Phlegmatic disorder
Wind and phlegm

        Cause of Death is determined from the planet posited in 8th or the aspecting planet, which
        will occur in the organ of Kalapurusha (time personified) which correspond to the 8th house.
        If more than 1 planet aspects the 8th, the cause of death will be more than one, but the
        diseases will affect one organ.

Those born with Sun and Mars in 4th or 10th (or one of them in 4th and the other in 10th) will
meet their death by fall from mountain or hits received from stone.

        Mars in 10th, Moon in 7th and Saturn in 4th at birth indicates death by fall in a well or pit.
        Sun and Moon aspected by malefic in Virgo indicate that the native will be killed by his
        own relatives or by imprisonment. Pisces Asdt with Sun and Moon in there, indicates
        death by drowning.

Saturn in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn indicates death due to JALODARA (accumulation of water
in stomach) = Dropsy.

  MOON in Martian signs hemmed in between malefics indicates  
death due to
SUN in Virgo                      "                              "
T.B. or anaemia
MOON in Saturnian signs    "                              "
  fire, fall or hanging  
If the 5th and 9th are occupied by malefics aspected by malefics and without benefic aspect, the
native will die during imprisonment.

        At the time of birth, if the 8th occupies BHUJANGA, SARPA or NIGALA drekkana (decanate),
        death will occur during imprisonment.

Sun in Pisces Asdt, Venus in 2nd while the 7th is occupied by Moon in conjunction of a malefic, the
native will die in his own house due to women.

Sun or Mars in 4th whilst the 10th is occupied by Saturn and weak Moon and another malefic
occupies the 1st/5th/9th, indicates death due to native's body being pierced by pointed instrument.

Sun and weak Moon in 4th, Mars in 10th aspected by Saturn indicates death due to assaults made
on the native.

Saturn in Asdt, Sun in 4th, weak Moon in 5th and Mars in 10th indicates death due to assaults.

        Weak Moon in 10th, Mars in 9th, Saturn in Asdt, Sun in 5th (all occurring simultaneously)
        indicates death due to imprisonment, fire or ankusha.

Mars in 4th, Sun in 7th, Saturn in 10th indicates death due to fire, anger of King or sword.

Mars in 10th, Moon in 4th, Saturn in 2nd, indicates death due to germs in wounds.

        Sun in 10th whilst Mars is occupying 4th indicates death after heavy drinks.

Mars in 7th, weak Moon, Sun and Saturn in Asdt indicates death by instruments.

Mars in Libra, Sun in Aries/Scorpio, Moon in Saturnian signs indicates death in gutter or filthy

Weak Moon in 10th, Sun in 7th whilst Mars is occupying 4th indicates death in gutter/filthy
surroundings. This sloka is by SIDDASENA.

Whilst weak Moon is being aspected by strong Mars, if Saturn is in 8th, death will be due to
venereal diseases, germs, instruments or fire.

Sun and Mars in 7th, Saturn in 8th, Moon in 4th indicates death due to birds.

Sun in Asdt, Mars in 5th, Saturn in 8th, Moon in  9th, indicates death due to falls from peaks
or wall or imprisonment.

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