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Moon sign/Ascendant Saturn transit from Moon sign/Ascendant What will be favorable? What will turn unfavorable?


Saturn in 6th house

You will have success and gains in your undertakings. You will also attain a good rank and position in your profession. Attaining spiritual goals will be your focus. You will be profited by a sudden sale of a property. A sudden gain in speculation is also on the agenda. You can also attempt for higher education, it will turn to be a success. You will win over your enemies.

Ailments in lungs and stomach are on the agenda. New debts may come your way, take care. You might have to face legal challenges. Inauspicious short journeys are also predicted. If you happen to believe any unreliable information, your neighbor, kith and kin will also turn to be your foe.


Saturn in 5th house

You have great chances of getting relieved from ailments. A gain in a long term investment is on the agenda. You might get spiritually inclined during this period. Favorable change in profession and a promotion can be expected. Pleasurable long journeys are predicted for you.

Sudden loss in business undertakings is predicted for your zodiac, it is better to be careful. Disputes with your life partner, business partner and friends might occur, take care!


Saturn in 4th house

You will get a permanent and stable position in your office. Purchasing of assets is on the agenda. Gains from patrimonial property can be expected. Entering into higher education is possible during this period. Repaying your debts will be the highlight of the period, all the best!

You might face ailments in the stomach or the nervous system, take care. Setback in comforts is predicted. Your mother may face health ailments, take precautionary steps. A loss in speculation is predicted, handle it with care.


Saturn in 3rd house

Unexpected gifts. Sudden gains are awaiting you.You will receive voluntary assistance from others. Patrimonial property issues will be settled. Enemies will surrender to you. Litigation, trails and turbulence will turn to be favorable for you. You will Succeed in all new ventures you undertake.

You might face problems or conflicts with your siblings. Siblings’ related issues may cause you worries. Your subordinates at job will cause trouble to you. Your father might have to face dangers, take care of him. You will receive some sad messages. Planed journeys will not work as planned leading you to frustration, take proper care of everything.


Saturn in 2nd house

You are about to a get great job. Marriage functions are on the agenda. You will be benefitted by departing from s business partner. Possibility of regaining a lost wealth can be expected.

You may face complicated ailments in your eyes and ears. A problem through your business partner is also on the agenda. The relationship with your spouse and other family members will not be good. You might suffer insufficient incomes. Family members will turn to be foes, take care. You words will not be valued by others. Insults in a gathering due to your emotional talks is possible, better keep away. Remedying to Saturn and Worshiping Lord Hanuman will give you a great relief.


Saturn in 1st house

Spiritual guidance will make things easier for you. Guidance from a preceptor will benefit you in your profession. Calculative expenditure will fetch gains. You will get an honored position in your job, but after February-2010.

You might suffer from ailments related to nervous system or abdomen due to improper diet. Humiliation and mental agony in your profession is predicted. Your efforts at job will go a waste. Your spouse would misunderstand your words and will ponder suspiciously in your day to day activities. Evil eyes is forecasted, there are possibilities that someone might involve in black magic for your failure. Remedies to Saturn and Worshiping Lord Hanuman will give you relief.


Saturn in 12th house

Auspicious expenses like purchasing a home, valuables, and vehicle are on the agenda. Pleasurable overseas journeys can be expected. Spiritual travel is also possible during this time period. Appreciable gains in your profession are predicted. You will have an intimate relationship with your spouse.

Health problems to children are on the agenda. You might face a break in your education. You might also have losses in business or speculation. It is better to make long term investments to avoid loss. An ailment in legs and generative organs is possible, take care. Keep an eye on your children’s activities. Remedies to Saturn and Worshiping Lord Hanuman will give you great relief.


Saturn in 11th house

You will have success and gains in all your undertakings. You are about to attain good ranks and positions in your profession. You are on the way to attain spiritual goals. You will also have profits by a Sale of a property. Sudden gains in speculation are on the agenda. You can attempt for higher education. It’s time to win over your enemies. You will receive unexpected gifts. Sudden gains are also possible. You will receive voluntary assistance from others. Patrimonial property issues will be settled. Enemies will surrender. Litigation, trails and turbulence will end in your favor. You will succeed in new ventures. Real estate business will prove to be good.

Your friends will not be able to help you at this time. Expansion of business will be delayed. Relationship with your spouse will not be good. Dangers to your Mother is foreseen, take care. Some property or wealth will be at loss.


Saturn in 10th house

You will witness professional growth. Spiritual practices will manifest your desires. Your subordinates will abide to your words and complete the task assigned by you, in time. You would earn the good will of your employer.

Stress in work is foreseen. You would lose your comforts. Strained relationship with spouse is on the agenda. Health problems to your spouse may occur. Lack of conjugal bliss is foreseen, take care.


Saturn in 9th house

Good circulation of Money is possible. Your status will improve. Relief from worries and problems are on the agenda. You will have promotions in your job. After the year 2010, you will face comforts. You will have the push to achieve great heights and goals. Your relationship with family members will be good. Do not hurt anybody from heart; it will turn out into curse.

Relationship you’re your father will be strained. Your head strong activities would fetch the wrath of your preceptor. You will not be able to keep promises given to others, this will fetch you ill repute.


Saturn in 8th house

Spiritual guidance will make things easier for you. Guidance from a preceptor will benefit you in all aspects. Controlling your emotions would help you in maintaining your status in the society.

You will face insults in front of your rivals. Control your emotions. Health problem in abdomen and generative organs will occur. Friends would turn foes. Relationship with your employer will be unfavorable and bad. Evil eyes is forecasted, some may perform black for your failure. Investments would lead to loss. Any investment would pretend to be profitable, but will prove to be a great loss later. Be careful in terms of finance and career. Take care of adolescent children, their interaction with opposite sex will cross limits and bring you name down in society. Do not be suspicious about your family member’s activities. Remedies to Saturn and Worshiping Lord Hanuman will give you great relief.


Saturn in 7th house

You will finally be revealed about what is happening around you. You will be aware of everything that was not known to you before. You will turn kind enough to everybody and earn a good name. You will have new opportunities to prove yourself in your profession as well as in your personal life. New investments, opportunities and gains are in cards.

Take care while driving any vehicle. Strained relationship you’re your spouse is foreseen. Challenges at your work place are most likely to occur. Socializing would lead you into more trouble, keep away from dangers.

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